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LSP Technologies provides production and job-shop level laser peening services to clients. We have five laser peening systems in-house to meet your service needs. Our team of engineers and production staff have an average of more than 10 years of laser peening experience and are well equipped to meet your needs. Contact Us to learn more and get a quote on your requirements.

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Whether you have a temporary requirement for laser peening on-site or want to establish your own permanent laser peening facility, look no further than LSP Technologies to provide safe, reliable, and user-friendly equipment. Our company was founded in 1995 on the basis of designing, constructing, and servicing laser peening equipment for industrial use.

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The Technology

Our technology is based on high-powered laser systems that are unrivaled in the industry and across the globe with the highest power output available. Our 20+ years of experience as the leaders in laser driven shockwave technologies has enabled higher throughput and processing improvements that continue to enable the process for many markets.

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Endurance with Confidence

LSP Technologies is the world premier laser peening and bond inspection services, technology and equipment provider. LSP Technologies has been providing equipment, job shop services, and production laser peening for all industries and scale since 1995. Our list of satisfied clients include major international aerospace and power generation manufacturers, high performance racing companies, tooling and die manufacturers, and customers from many other industries and applications.

LSP Technologies is AS 9100/ISO 9001:2008 certified to provide the highest quality services and equipment. From the smallest job to the largest part, our quality control processes ensure the best results.

Laser peening prevents and arrests most types of failure in metallic components by enhancing the metallic surface and structure. Laser peening, also known as laser shock peening, or laser shot peening, cold works the material with shockwave mechanics to provide a deep layer of failure resistant material. For preventing failures, especially those from fatigue loading and stress corrosion cracking, laser peening is the optimum choice in metal improvement.

LSP Technologies Products and Services

  • Laser Peening Equipment
  • Laser Peening Production Services
  • Laser Bond Inspection Equipment
  • Consulting
  • Contract Research and Development

Procudo® 200 LSP System

The LSP System that makes laser peening accessible to the production environment, making it easy for OEMs to integrate laser peening into their manufacturing lines. Procudo® 200 LSP System allows OEMs to now buy or lease their own laser peening facility at an affordable price.

Laser Bond Inspection laser systems provide real time adhesive bond inspection for bond strength and interrogate adhesive bonds for non-conformances such as kissing bonds. Systems are customizable to meet your requirements.

LaserPeen™ Process Overview

  • Laser peening provides significant increases in metal part fatigue life and strength
  • Laser peening typically generates beneficial compressive residual stresses 2 to 3 mm deep or through-thickness in thin sections
  • Laser peening upgrades current parts without a redesign
  • Laser peening can be applied to fielded parts for improved lifetime
  • Laser peening can generate beneficial compressive residual stresses up to 8 mm deep in thick sections
  • Laser peening provides a cost effective ROI for parts: reduces replacement costs, maintenance, and down time
  • Laser peening increases value and reliability of nearly any metallic component
  • RapidCoater™ reduces process costs and part handling
  • Laser peening is computer and robotically controlled to meet AMS-2546

Laser Bond Inspection Overview

  • Laser bond inspection provides NDT for bonded structures
  • Laser bond inspection is the only method to proof test localized bond strength
  • Laser bond inspection detects kissing bonds and other weak bonds
  • Laser bond inspection works on a variety of adhesively bonded structures: composite-to-composite, metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal
  • Laser bond inspection provides a cost effective ROI for newly manufactured or repaired structures
  • Laser bond inspection can be applied on the manufacturing floor or in the repair depot
  • Laser bond inspection increases value, reliability, and confidence in bonded structures
  • Laser bond inspection does not affect the composite structure itself

Did you know:

LaserPeen™ processing extends fatigue life and strength of metal parts

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